At Kermit ISD, the safety of our students and staff is a top priority.

The District shall attempt to ensure student safety through supervision of students in all school buildings, at all school-sponsored events or activities, and on all school grounds through special attention to the following:
1. Maintaining a reasonably safe school environment. [See CK,CLB]
2. Observing safe practices in those areas of instruction or extracurricular activities that offer special hazards. [See CKB]
3. Developing age-appropriate safety programs and activities for students at each grade level.
4. Emphasizing safety education to students enrolled in laboratory courses in science, industrial arts, health, and physical education. [See CK]
5. Providing first aid for students in case of accident or sudden illness. [See FFAC]
6. Annually reviewing the adequacy of emergency procedures at each campus in the District and providing for staff training in such procedures. [See CKC]
7. Implementing appropriate crisis management procedures when emergencies occur. [See CKC]

The Superintendent and the principals shall develop plans and procedures for acquainting students with safe conduct and behavior in a variety of conditions and circumstances, including play and recreation, fire, severe weather, use of bicycles and automobiles,and use of school transportation. Teachers and administrators shall promote these procedures among students as appropriate. [see FFF (LOCAL)]

Our emergency planning includes:

1. District employee training in responding to an emergency;
2. Mandatory school drills and exercises to prepare District students and employees for responding to an emergency;
3. Measures to ensure coordination with the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) and local emergency management agencies, law enforcement, health departments, and fire departments in the event of an emergency;
4. The implementation of a required safety and security audit [see CKC(LEGAL)