All Kermit ISD mail is delivered to a centralized location at the Administration Building/601 South Poplar/Kermit, Texas 79745, and then distributed to individual campuses. Most USPS/UPS/FedEx deliveries also are delivered to the Administration Building address.

Use the links below to help locate the physical locations of our school buildings.

Kermit ISD Administration Building

601 S. Poplar

Locate the KISD Administration Building by clicking here.


Kermit High School

Tommy Thompson School Street

Locate Kermit High School by clicking here.


Kermit High School Walton Field

S. Poplar at Jeffee Drive

Locate Walton Field by clicking here.

Kermit Junior High

Tommy Thompson School Street

Locate Kermit Junior High by clicking here.


Kermit Elementary School

201 N. East Avenue & East Highway 115

Locate Kermit Elementary School by clicking here


Kermit-Wink-Loving Special Education Cooperative

(also known as "The Co-op" or the "K-W-L Co-op")

919 Tommy Thompson School Street

Locate the K-W-L Co-op by clicking here