Special Programs or Student Services & Support?

Who do I need to talk to?

Kermit ISD strives to provide services and support to ALL students, depending on their needs. If you know of a student who is not receiving the support they might need, feel free to contact us.


The Special Programs Department covers all areas of Special Education, including Child Find, Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD), Speech & Language Difficulties, Transition, and Inclusion of special needs students. Kermit ISD works in cooperation with the Wink/Loving ISD to provide these services, operating under the title of Special Programs Cooperative, or "the CO-OP," as they are commonly referred to.

The Special Programs Director is Ms. Roxane Greer,

and she can be reached at (432) 586-1060.


Student Services and Support provide services to those Kermit ISD students in need of services not covered under the Special Education umbrella. It is not part of the Special Programs Cooperative, although they also are housed n the "CO-OP" building. Those served include dyslexic students, bilingual/ESL students, at-risk students, gifted/talented students

and those covered under Education Section 504.

The Student Services ad Support corrdinator is Ms. Angela Florez,

and she can also be reached at (432) 586-1060.